Grandmother Bounce, my mother’s mother, was said to have a buoyant personality. According to my mom, Bounce would finish her house chores by noon so that she could spend the rest of the day visiting. While she died when I was in preschool, my impression is that she was chatty and social, friendly and warm. My father remembers that she welcomed him like a son, but was protective of my mother. She didn’t want them to get married right away after my mother graduated from college because she didn’t want people in town to gossip and say that Norma, who, I believe, was the first in her family to go to college, had just gone to get her “M.R.S.” degree.

After the trials of being a farm wife during the Dust Bowl drought years in Kansas, and simultaneously living through the economic hardships of the Great Depression, Florence “Bounce” Bartlett Lutz was ready for some elegance! I imagine Grandfather Joe Lutz, a farmer and John Deere salesman,  got this mink stole for her sometime in the 1950s. Inside the coat was this wonderful embroidered tag.

What do you do with a fur coat? I don’t remember my mother ever wearing it. Who could use this coat joyfully?

When I saw the vintage-style pinup photos posted by a mother at my children’s school, Atalanta Jackson — aka Coco De Soto — I knew she was just the person to really enjoy this coat. Atalanta is a wedding floral designer, small business owner, vintage car aficionado and creative soul. A perfect match for Grandmother Bounce’s coat! The very embodiment of elegance, surrounded by her flowers!