I loved growing up in a big family. As the youngest of four, my sisters, 6 years older, seemed like grown ups to me. img_4160

Here’s a photo of the four of us together. I am the short one. My sisters are twins.

One of my sisters came to visit this week to help with the downsizing process and to pack up her own things. What a ham she is! She was always the one who said, when asked what kind of a person she would marry — “Someone with a good sense of humor,” as number one on her list. She still lives her life with joy and humor. We played dress up — or rather, she did, as she is the only one  tiny enough to fit into my mom’s clothes, and my father’s wrestling sweater circa 1937 when he was wrestling at under 90 lbs. My beautiful sister is as still a lovely ham.

Here is the result, and some photos of my mom in the same clothes.

img_4128 img_4130 img_4133 img_4136 img_4140 img_4148 img_4159-1 img_3026-2